Self Sufficient Farm Drives Production With Bees

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Self Sufficient Farm Drives Production With Bees



This week, in the scenic Buchan Valley, we meet Wayne Fisk, who is embarking on a fascinating journey back to beekeeping. Wayne’s connection with bees goes way back to his 20s, but life took him in a different direction. Now, he’s back in this idyllic location, sharing his aspirations for a Self Sufficient Farm as he Drives Production With Bees. We join him as he embarks on a new endeavour—beekeeping.

The Return to Beekeeping:

Wayne’s decision to return to beekeeping is not just about rekindling a childhood fascination but also about contributing to the ecosystem and ensuring the productivity of his farm. In this lush valley, his home is entirely off-grid, complete with vegetable gardens, cattle, sheep, an orchard, and now, bees. Wayne’s mission is to integrate all these elements harmoniously and reap the benefits of coexistence.

Self Sufficient Farm Drives Production With Bees:

While bees are commonly associated with fruit pollination, Wayne reveals that they play a crucial role in vegetable growth too. With bees around, his garden thrives, yielding bountiful produce. Wayne understands that bees are essential for both his fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

The Arrival of Nucleuses:

Assisted by Andrew from Australian Beekeeping Supplies, Wayne eagerly awaits the delivery of spring nucleus colonies for his beekeeping venture. This highly anticipated event marks the beginning of Wayne’s journey into beekeeping. He chooses an Italian bee species, best suited to his location.

Comparing Bee Species:

Italian bees are well-suited for the early season, while Carniolan bees excel in the late season. Andrew likens bee species to varieties of fruit, highlighting the diversity in bee species and their adaptation to different seasons and tasks. Just like a diverse fruit orchard, a mix of bee species can ensure optimal pollination year-round.

The Spring Nucleus Colonies:

Wayne opens the nuke box to inspect his newly acquired bees, feeling the heat emanating from the buzzing colony. These bees have been anxiously awaiting their new home. After a few hours of acclimatisation, they are ready to start working their magic on Wayne’s farm.

Starting a Beekeeping Journey:

After the excitement of the delivery, Wayne carefully transports the nucleus colonies back to his farm. The bees are given a brief period to acclimate to their new surroundings before they start exploring the lush valley.

Bee Genetics:

One highlight is Wayne’s observation of the colony’s impressive genetics. The bees are quiet and exhibit strong genetic selection for temperament, a testament to the supplier’s breeding. It’s a clear indication of quality and shows that genetics play a crucial role in bee colonies’ performance.


Throughout the process, safety is a top priority. The video highlights the importance of handling bees safely and provides essential tips for new beekeepers.

Wayne’s Vision:

Wayne’s dream is to create a thriving, self-sustaining farm where all aspects of his homestead work in harmony. With the addition of bees, he aims to enhance his farm’s productivity, fostering a richer and more biodiverse ecosystem. He truly intends on seeing his dream of a self sufficient farm driving production with bees.

The Verdict:

Beekeeping can be a rewarding pursuit, enhancing pollination, increasing harvests, and promoting biodiversity. Wayne’s journey back to beekeeping in the beautiful Buchan Valley showcases the vital role of bees in a small farm’s ecosystem. For those considering self-sufficiency and farming, bees are more than just pollinators – they are nature’s partners in a productive and vibrant ecosystem.


In Wayne’s story, we discover that beekeeping is not only about honey but also about coexistence, productivity, and nature’s delicate balance. Bees play a significant role in our lives, and perhaps Wayne’s journey will inspire others to consider the world of beekeeping. Wayne is embarking on a remarkable journey back to beekeeping, adding another dimension to his already thriving farm. Stay tuned for more captivating stories from Tim Thompson’s adventures in the world of self-sufficiency and farming. If you enjoyed this content, please subscribe, give it a thumbs up, and stay connected with Tim Thompson for more exciting episodes.

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