Bobex In Line Strainer by Wireman: A Handy Tool for Fencing Repairs

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Bobex In Line Strainer

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When Wireman introduced their latest gadget, the Bobex in line strainer, I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. This innovative tool promised to simplify fencing repairs and join wires with ease. In this blog, I’ll share my firsthand experience with the Bobex, explain how it works, and evaluate its performance in various scenarios. Let’s dive in!

Meet the Bobex In Line Strainer: A Fencing Game Changer:

The Bobex is designed to tackle a range of fencing challenges. Whether you need to join two plain or barbed wires or strain loose wires without cutting or undoing knots, this tool has you covered. Wireman has crafted the Bobex with user-friendliness in mind. It requires only a 19-millimeter socket, a common tool that most of us already have in our kits.

Easy Fixes for Sagging Wires:

One of the Bobex’s primary applications is repairing sagging wires. Imagine a scenario where your fence wires have become loose due to adverse weather conditions or other factors. The Bobex simplifies this task. You slide it onto the wire, securing it in place with a socket and start tightening. The Bobex offers four tightening positions, making the process gradual and controlled. Within moments, you can restore your wire’s tension without the need to cut or undo anything.

A Solution for Short Fencing Sections:

For short stretches of prefab mesh, the Bobex proves to be a valuable tool. If you have sections of fencing that are too short to use traditional strainers effectively, you can tie off the mesh tightly at both ends and let the Bobex take over. It’s incredibly efficient and ensures that animals won’t get through or become entangled.

Repairing Loose Barbed Wire:

Handling barbed wire can be tricky, but the Bobex in line strainer simplifies the process. You can use it to join and strain high tensile wires, although it may not replace specialized chain strainers for the experts. Still, for those looking for a user-friendly tool, the Bobex gets the job done. It’s essential to note that while it may not handle high-stress situations, it’s perfect for quick repairs.

Putting the Bobex to the Test:

Intrigued by the Bobex’s versatility, I decided to test its limits. I set up various scenarios to see how it performed under different conditions.

  • High Tensile Wire Test: The Bobex displayed its strength as I subjected it to increasingly higher tensions. The device could handle a considerable load but began to deform at around 120 kilos, getting close to the recommended strain tension for 2.5 mm high tensile wire.
  • Joint Strength Test: When used to join two wires, the Bobex can perform reasonably well. While not as robust as traditional chain strainers, it still gets the job done for quick repairs.
  • Safety and Performance: Safety is a top priority when using the Bobex. It proved to be safe, and its deformation under high tension allowed for a gradual release of pressure.


The Bobex by Wireman is a handy tool for fencing repairs, quick fixes, and restoring tension to sagging wires. It simplifies tasks that would otherwise require intricate knowledge of knots and additional tools. Its practical applications make it a valuable addition to your fencing toolkit, especially for novices or quick, on-the-go repairs.

While it may not replace traditional strainers in all situations, it provides a user-friendly alternative that can save time and effort. The Bobex’s compact design and ease of use make it a tool worth considering for anyone involved in fencing and wire maintenance.

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