Thor Rock Breakers and Post Drivers: A Compact Powerhouse

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Thor Penetrates Rock and Drives Posts

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A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a remarkable piece of machinery that defied its size – Thor Rock Breakers and Post Drivers. Intrigued by their capabilities, I journeyed to Newcastle to meet Simon, the ingenious mind behind this compact powerhouse. In this blog, we’ll delve into the fascinating story of Thor’s development and explore why it’s becoming a game-changer in the world of post driving.

1. The One-Stop Machinery Shop Journey

The origin of Thor can be traced back to the One-Stop Machinery Shop, a business with 40 years of expertise in hydraulics maintenance and repairs. Simon, along with his team, not only serviced heavy industrial equipment but also identified inherent issues in certain brands. This realisation prompted them to venture into creating a superior alternative – Thor Rock Breakers and Post Drivers.

2. Addressing Common Issues: Development of Thor Rock Breakers and Post Drivers

Repairing various brands revealed common problems, such as broken welds in power cell casings. Simon’s commitment to excellence led to the development of Thor’s power cell, utilising durable “Cannon steel.” By concentrating on robust construction and enhancing welds, Thor ensures longevity and minimises the risk of failures.

3. Operating in Challenging Environments

Thor’s resilience is put to the test in demanding environments, including the scorching surroundings of aluminium slag shafts. Even after over two years of service breaking slag in a smelter, Thor Rock Breakers endure. They survive extreme heat and harsh conditions, showcasing their durability and reliability.

4. SB Power Cell: The Heart of Thor Rock Breakers and Post Drivers

At the core of Thor’s effectiveness lies the SB Power Cell, a component found in numerous reputable rock breaker brands. Simon’s experience in repairing various power cells led him to choose the SB Power Cell for its reliability and endurance. Made from the same steel used in cannons, it ensures durability and high performance.

5. Maintenance and Longevity

Maintaining a Thor Rock Breaker does not involve a lot of work. Outside regular hydraulic oil and filter changes in the host machine, and crucially, greasing the tool head, there is nothing more to it. For years. Simon emphasises the significance of using high-temperature, high-impact grease to counter the intense conditions these machines operate in.

6. Versatility and Mounting Options

Thor Rock Breakers come in various mounting options, including Euro mounts for tractors and excavator mounts. The flexibility to choose between unjacketed and fully enclosed jackets provides users with the right configuration based on their application and machine size.

7. Thor’s Comprehensive Package

Thor offers a comprehensive package, including a fully dedicated post driver and rock breaker with excavator, Euro Hitch or a range of other mounts. The versatility of Thor’s design allows users to seamlessly switch between post driving and rock breaking, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.

8. Innovative Post Driving Tools

Thor doesn’t stop at rock breakers; they manufacture a range of post driving tools. The introduction of the “Penetrator” demonstrates Thor’s commitment to innovation. This tool, capable of creating a 100mm diameter hole in challenging ground, ensures tightness and penetration of the post, vital for sturdy fences.

9. The Family Touch

Thor Rock Breakers is a family company, with Lisa playing a crucial role in customer service. Their personalised approach involves understanding the customer’s needs, ensuring they receive the right-sized product for their specific application. This often includes “talking down” a customer from larger models to one best suited to their application.


It’s evident that Simon and his team have not just created a machine; they’ve crafted a solution to the challenges faced in post driving and rock breaking. Thor’s compact yet powerful design, coupled with its versatility and durability, marks a significant leap forward in the industry.

If you’re in the market for a reliable, efficient, and innovative solution for your post driving or rock breaking needs, Thor Rock Breakers might just be the game-changer you’ve been searching for. Don’t forget to subscribe for more insights into cutting-edge machinery and innovations.

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