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About Me

Tim Thompson

Agriculture Teacher and Communicator

G'day, I'm Tim Thompson - an agriculturalist and educator from Australia.

My passion is learning from great farmers who are true innovators and entrepreneurs in agriculture and farming - who look after their land while running great businesses.

I love reviewing and testing new equipment. I get excited about finding new ways to improve our skills on the land.

  • 6 years in Sales
  • 12 years in Agriculture
  • 13 years in Education


Video Play Lists

Links, Reviewed Products and Accessories

Wireman East Ender Strainer Board

Wireman East Ender Strainer Board - available from wiremanhq.com


Pickex - available from wiremanhq.com

Maun Fencing Pliers

Fence Stay - available from triggereng.com

Knipex Wire Cutters

Knipex Wire Cutters - available from Whites Rural


Wire Joiner - available from Spiralfast


Steel Post Driver  - available from Snedden's Fencing Products

James Higgins Fence Stretcher

James Higgins Fence Stretcher - available from jameshiggins.com.au

Davos' Fencing Clip

Davo's Fencing Clip - available from Davidson Engineering

Fence-Line Solutions

Strainers - available from Fence-Line Solutions

Walters Fencing

Blue Jen II Wire Spinner- available from Walters Fencing

Australian Concrete Mats

Concrete Mats- available from Australian Concrete Mats

Whites Rural

Wire Spinner - available from Whites Rural

Woodshield Posts

Woodshield Posts - available from Woodshield.com.au


"Tim Thompson has been a real asset to our business. His down to earth style and even handed approach to product demonstration has delivered sales, brand recognition, and helped reinforce the direction of product development."

Ian Lowrey
Wireman Fencing - wiremanhq.com

“My first impression of Tim, was of a quietly spoken Aussie bloke, engrossed in practical thought……. then the camera turned on, and the magic appeared.
Tim is an expert communicator with an ability to analyse things objectively and then communicate his thoughts with justification.
That coupled with his friendly nature and abundant enthusiasm gives me the ability to endorse him with confidence. I see Tim becoming a major influencer in this space.”

Steve Casamento
Director, Trigger Engineering - triggereng.com

"Tim Thompson, the real deal.  He’s honest, he’s fair.  He’s ag experienced. He knows the land. He knows how to fix things, install things, the history of things, respectfully considers things. He’s entertaining too!
Spiralfast have a 20+ year old product which he saw, reviewed and we’re thankful. This even-handed attitude resonates with his audience I suspect.
He’s a spokesperson for us all. If you support Agriculture - get involved with Tim."

Michael Tame
Head Spiral - spiralfast.com


Contact me to discuss promoting your products and supporting farmers with great innovations.




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Location - Yarra Valley, Australia
I work and live in the beautiful Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia.
I love nothing more than travelling to new areas to find out what great innovations are being developed.
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