Mini Electric Chainsaw Review: Kebtek vs. Stihl vs. Ryobi

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Mini Electric Chainsaw Review

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Mini electric chainsaws have become increasingly popular for their portability and versatility. In this Mini Electric Chainsaw Review, we’ll compare three brands – the Kebtek, the Still, and the Ryobi. These compact chainsaws are perfect for light tasks like pruning and trimming branches. We’ll break down their features, performance, and safety measures to help you make an informed choice. Manke sure you subscribe to future blogs and reviews to keep up to date in all things agriculture and lifestyle.

The Contenders: Mini Electric Chainsaw Review

Kebtek Mini Electric Chainsaw:

A 450W brushless motor.

Powered by two 14V lithium-ion batteries.

Equipped with a 15.5cm bar and a 1/4-inch pitch chain.

Impressive acceleration and chain speed.

Lightweight, weighing only 900g with the battery.

Chain tensioning made easy with an automatic mechanism.

Stihl GTA 26 Mini Chainsaw:

Better, 3/8 pitch chain but with a shorter 10cm bar.

Gentle motor acceleration and a slightly less powerful motor.

Equipped with a 10V battery.

Chain tensioning requires manual adjustment.

No manufacturer data available about the motor. Suspect it’s brushed.

Ryobi Pole Saw:

Features a 3/8 pitch chain on a 20cm bar.

Runs on a standard Ryobi 18v battery.

Easy chain tensioning but manual adjustment.

New models have brushless motor,the one in comparison does not.

A great option for those seeking an occasional use pole saw.


The Ryobi offers minimal safety features, designed for distant pole operation.

Stihl uses a protective scissor-like cover for hand safety. Best in comparison.

Kebtek also has a protective guard, although improvements could make it even safer.


Kebtek is the lightest, weighing only 900g with the battery.

Still weighs 1.5kg.

Ryobi is over 4kg.

Verdict: Mini Electric Chainsaw Review

In this Mini Electric Chainsaw Review, the Kebtek stands out due to its lightweight design, strong performance, dual batteries, and automatic chain tensioning.

The Stihl offers competitive power and better chain and bar quality, still with a compact design that’s slightly heavier.

The Ryobi, while effective, is designed as a pole saw, making it a specialised tool in this comparison.

While all three saws have their merits, the Kebtek provides the best combination of performance, convenience, and value for your money. If you’re  a DIY enthusiast, the Kebtek’s brushless motor, automatic chain tensioning, and lightweight design make it an excellent choice for occasional light cutting tasks.

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