Horsley Wholesale Wire Spinners: Efficiency and Ease for Fencing

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Horsley Wholesale Wire Spinners

Today, we’re diving into the world of fencing equipment, specifically Horsley Wholesale Wire Spinners. These clever devices are designed to make wire fencing tasks easier and more efficient, and we’ll explore their features and benefits. From the single spinner to the triple spinner, these tools are a must-have for any fencing project.

Common Features of Horsley Wholesale Wire Spinners:

Before we delve into each spinner’s specific features, let’s highlight the characteristics shared by all Horsley Wholesale Wire Spinners:

Break and Feeding Design: Each spinner features an oil-nylon block for wire feeding. This block doesn’t wear, ensuring your wire remains intact regardless of the distance it covers. Plus, it prevents the buildup of galvanised shavings, making maintenance a breeze. An adjustable braking system allows you to tailor the resistance, whether you’re running the wire by hand or with a vehicle.

Intuitive Loading and Unloading: Loading and unloading wire rolls couldn’t be easier. Simply orient your wire to the top, drop the top plate in place, and thread the wire through the feeder. It’s a quick and hassle-free process. Even if you’re using wire prone to snagging, the top plate prevents loops from forming.

Barb Spike: For those who need to run barbed wire alongside plain wire, there’s a Barb Spike option available. This feature ensures that all your wires align neatly along the fence line, preventing tangles and snags.

The Horsley Wholesale Single Wire Spinner:

The single spinner is an excellent starting point. It offers the core features mentioned above and is a reliable tool for managing your fencing projects. With its adjustable braking system and user-friendly design, it’s a handy addition to any fencing toolkit.

The Horsley Wholesale Double Wire Spinner:

Moving up to the double spinner model, we find a few essential design enhancements. Firstly, the Barb Spike is offset to the same side as the plain wire feed-out, ensuring a snag-free experience. Secondly, the top spinner features a breakaway design, allowing it to pivot away to accommodate the placement of a new wire roll in the bottom spinner. Customizable frame options, including three-point linkage mounts, Euro hitch mounts, or slots for bale spikes, add versatility and convenience.

The Horsley Wholesale Triple Wire Spinner:

For those who need even more wire capacity and efficiency, the triple spinner configuration is a game-changer. It shares the same frame as the double spinner but adds a third reel and a crane. The crane is electric and comes with a remote control for ease of use. There’s no need for hydraulic pumps or manual effort. Plus, the crane’s adjustable boom allows for precise positioning over your bale stack, making loading and unloading effortless.

Putting the Spinners to the Test:

The true test of any tool is how it performs in the field. In a practical demonstration, these wire Spinners showcased their exceptional wire management abilities. Even with old rolls of tangled wire, they effortlessly straightened and fed the wire smoothly. They are built to tackle the toughest wire-related challenges with ease.


Horsley Wholesale Wire Spinners are a fantastic addition to any fencing project. Whether you opt for the single, double, or triple spinner, you’ll benefit from their user-friendly features, durability, and efficiency. If you’re in the market for a reliable wire spinner with adjustable braking, look no further. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the thumbs-up button if you found this blog post informative. Stay tuned for more useful insights and tools to help you in your agricultural and fencing endeavours.

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