Fencing on Roadways

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You might be best to check that your fence meets current roadway legislation before you fence. Check out this blog for helpful links!

The Legal Stuff

*Please note, this section does not at any time form legal advice, rather it is designed to make the learner aware of some common legal impacts of fencing. Legal advice should always be sought from qualified experts prior to undertaking works. This blog does not claim to be a complete or legally binding guide to fencing.

There are legal implications with shared boundaries. Roadways often vary from state to state in minimum boundary fence construction, from spacing of posts, to number of wires in the fence. Check your local roads board to ensure that you have complied with minimum specifications so that you are covered by insurance should stock get out of your property! Some guides for minimum fencing requirements in Australia are linked below, but it pays to check your local roads body for minimum design specification to make sure you are safe.


Queensland Transport and Main Roads

  • Specifications MRTS14
  • Drawings SD1600, SD1601, SD1602, SD1603, SD1604 – Fencing

VIC Roads 

Transport Tasmaina

Mainroads Western Australia

*Links accurate as of 03.01.2023

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