Gallagher Permanent Electric Fencing

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Gallagher Permanent Electric Fence

Last Month I was at the Henty Agricultural Machinery Field Days. I caught up with Brendan from Gallagher, and we explored the exciting world of permanent electric fencing. The days of traditional fencing are over, and we’re going to dive into the innovations that Gallagher brings to the table.

Flexible Fencing for Peace of Mind:

As I stood in front of a Gallagher i post, I couldn’t help but notice how relaxed the fence appeared. Brendan explained that this was because of the suspension design. The more movement in the fence, the less likely it is to break. Gallagher’s eye post is a suspension fence, meaning it has elasticity. When animals push against it, it flexes in and out. Even if a kangaroo or a rogue animal hits it, it just bounces back, preventing any breakage.

Innovative Insulators:

Gallagher’s insulators are heavy-duty and fully insulated. This means no electricity leakage, making them perfect for electric fencing. Plus, they can be connected to steel posts, ensuring durability and conductivity. But what sets them apart are the unique clips that turn back into the fence, reducing the risk of animals getting caught or injured.

Perfect Fit for Steel Posts:

The insulators have extra holes that align with steel posts, making installation hassle-free. You won’t need to search for different holes, ensuring that your fence is as strong as it can be.

The Energizer Revolution:

While the fence itself is impressive, the real game-changer is Gallagher’s new energizer technology. Brendan emphasised that the effectiveness of your electric fence is heavily reliant on the quality of the energizer. In the past decade, energizers have seen significant improvements.

One of the most significant advancements is the ability of modern energizers to compensate for issues in the fence. This means you’ll experience fewer maintenance problems. If an issue arises, the energizer will adapt, ensuring the fence’s functionality.

The Power Down Low:

Surprisingly, it’s not always about the height of the fence when dealing with feral animals. Many of these creatures try to push underneath. This is where the new energizers shine. They provide the necessary power down low, making your fence an effective exclusion barrier without requiring towering heights. This is the strength of Gallagher permanent electric fencing.

The Importance of Earth Return:

Another critical aspect of electric fencing often overlooked is earthing. Brendan stressed the significance of earth return in the Gallagher permanent electric fencing. When an animal touches the live wire, electricity returns to the energizer through the earth wire along the fence. This eliminates the uncertainty of soil conductivity and ensures a reliable electric fence.

Psychological vs. Pain Barrier:

A fence like Gallagher’s not only serves as a physical barrier but also as a psychological one. Animals can hear and feel the electricity before they touch it. The new i Series Energizer, with its increased pressure in the fence, enhances this psychological deterrent, making animals steer clear.


In conclusion, Gallagher permanent electric fencing is revolutionising agriculture. It’s faster, more cost-effective, longer-lasting, and technologically advanced. The flexibility, innovative insulators, and cutting-edge energizer technology are changing the game for farmers and landowners.

If you’re interested in upgrading your fencing to a more efficient and effective solution, I highly recommend visiting the Gallagher stand at your nearest agricultural event. Discover how Gallagher can help you tackle exclusion fencing problems and protect your property with the latest in electric fencing technology.

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  1. Wanted these silver shiny round things that you put on fences for farm they are about as big as a dinner plate they are tied on made of shiny tin

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