Thor TH40 Post Driver; Driving Big Posts!

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Thor TH40 Post Driver


In the heart of the Hunter Valley, we joined Jared from J&J Rural Contracting to witness the power of the Thor TH40 post driver mounted on his trusty Kubota tractor. Our mission? To observe the process of erecting a fence line using hardwood posts that aren’t perfectly straight, especially in the sandy soil of the Hunter Valley. Join us as we delve into the workflow and efficiency of this impressive combination.

The Job:

Jared and his team were tasked with creating a fence line that demanded not only functionality but also aesthetic appeal. The unique challenge here was dealing with hardwood posts that varied in size and shape, making the process all the more intriguing. The team’s workflow involved laying out the posts first and then adjusting the post hole spacing to accommodate the irregularities in the timber.


Aesthetic considerations played a pivotal role in this project. To ensure a visually pleasing result, Jared maintained a high string line. This meticulous attention to detail allowed for precision in placing the posts, ensuring they were in line with the desired aesthetic standards. The result? A fence that would be both functional and beautiful.

Working with the Thor TH40 Post Driver:

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show—the Thor TH40 post driver. While it lacks the hydraulic adjustability of larger models, it offers several advantages, especially when working in tight spaces or under tree branches. The front-mounted design allows for more maneuverability in confined areas, making it an excellent choice for this project.

Controlling the post driver’s movement requires some finesse. Left-right and forward-back adjustments are achieved through the tractor’s tires. Jared emphasizes that understanding the tire’s sidewall flex is crucial to mastering the machine’s control. With practice, he can drive the posts from the tractor seat while relying on a skilled ground crew to guide him.

Hydraulic hoses are limited to two, but this doesn’t hinder the process. Jared adjusts the tractor’s movement and steering to chase the post’s alignment while driving it into the ground. It’s a testament to the operator’s skill and the machine’s adaptability.

Rock Breaking Capability:

One noteworthy feature of the Thor TH40 is its rock-breaking capability. With a rock-breaking tip, this post driver can handle challenging ground conditions with ease, breaking rocks and driving posts effectively. It’s a versatile tool that performs beyond just fencing tasks.

Maintenance and Ease of Use of the Thor TH40 Post Driver:

Surprisingly, the Thor TH40 requires minimal maintenance. Jared attests to the fact that just three pumps of grease a day keep this machine in excellent working condition. It’s a testament to its durability and ease of use.


Despite the challenge of non-uniform posts and sandy soil, the Thor TH40 post driver made the job look effortless. It efficiently drove 240mm hardwood posts into the ground, demonstrating its capability even with a smaller tractor. While the ground conditions presented some difficulty, Jared’s experience and the Thor TH40’s adaptability ensured the project’s success.

Pack-Up and Transport:

The convenience of the Thor TH40 extends to the end of the job. It easily drives onto a trailer for transport, eliminating the need for additional transport fees or return trips. Efficiency is key, and this post driver delivers on that front.

Conclusion: Thor TH40 Post Driver, Any Good?

Our day in the Hunter Valley with Jared from J&J Rural Contracting showcased the power and adaptability of the Thor TH40 post driver. It’s a machine that excels in tackling real-world challenges, from uneven posts to varying ground conditions. Its user-friendly design and minimal maintenance requirements make it a valuable asset for any fencing project. We look forward to seeing more of this impressive post driver in action in the future. Don’t forget to subscribe for more content, and visit for additional agricultural insights. Until next time!

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