The Best Concrete Posts in Australia?

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Australian Concrete posts had me up to their production facility last year. Video here. What I witnessed was a testament to small family business meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Although concrete posts have been around for quite some time, Richard Mould, one of the family and company director, explained to me that Australian Concerete Posts are the ONLY concrete post manufacturer in Australia that is accredited for use on Australian roads. What this means for the consumer is a post that is strong and reliable.

Not all concrete posts are pre-stressed, meaning that some have lead to high failure rates when driven or put under strain on the fenceline. ACP posts are pre stressed, with 2.5t of pressure being put on every reinforcement rod (up to 4 per post) as the posts are poured and moulded. This enormous strain means that the dry posts actually shrink by 2 inches when they are finally removed from the moulds.

This pre stressing and a secret lime reduced concrete mix results in posts that resist corrosion, are easy to drive and that promise to last your lifetime if installed correctly. Next time you are thinkiing about new fence posts, be sure to check out Australian Concrete Posts.

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