Self Sufficient Farm Drives Production With Bees

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Self Sufficient Farm Drives Production With Bees

WATCH VIDEO HERE Introduction: This week, in the scenic Buchan Valley, we meet Wayne Fisk, who is embarking on a fascinating journey back to beekeeping. Wayne’s connection with bees goes way back to his 20s, but life took him in a different direction. Now, he’s back in this idyllic location, sharing his aspirations for a Self Sufficient Farm as he … Read More

Troubleshoot Electric Fence Problems, Earth Diagnosis

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Electric Fence Problems Solved!

If you’ve ever had issues with your electric fence, you’ve probably heard the common phrase, “It might just be a bad Earth.” But how do you test it, and more importantly, how can you fix it? In this blog post, we’ll explore some straightforward ways to troubleshoot your electric fence problems by testing your electric fence’s Earth. We will then … Read More

Solar Powered Farm Water

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We all know the benefits of keeping stock out of dams. Doing so has benefits from a production point of view and also improves soil management. Thanks to solar technology now becoming cheaper and more accessible, there is a cost effective option for good paddock management.

Mobishear Electric Foot Parers

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Mobishear Foot Paring Shears

Mobishear Foot paring shears make trimming feet an absolute pleasure. These powerful trimmers with specially designed paring head allow careful, fast and easy animal husbandry. Combining the power of 37mm electric secateurs with and Australian made and designed foot paring head makes one of the least liked jobs on the farm an absolute pleasure. With up to 12 hours of … Read More

Plastic Forests Recycled Plastic Posts

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Easy, Safe Recycled plastic Stock Posts

Building a Pro Horse Fence with Plastic Forests recycled plastic Equine PLUS Post. Horses can injure themselves easily, so why use fencing materials that put them in danger? Regardless of species, from horses to cattle and sheep, Plastic Forests have a post to suit. Made from recycled bale wrap with a BHP steel core, these posts can take knocks and bounce right … Read More

Grunt Versa Strap

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Grunt Versa Strap

The Grunt Versa Strap allows the quick and secure bundling of gear and accessories for storage and transport. With a rated 40Kg capacity for the mid sized 40cm strap, it’s plenty strong too. A safer and more convenient alternative to bungy cords, removal is fast and simple. There could be a bundle of uses for these in your shed. Available … Read More