Electric Foot Paring? Mobishear Review. Trimming sheep and Goats

One of the jobs I really don’t look forward to has just become super easy. The Mobishear Foot paring shears make trimming feet an absolute pleasure. These powerful trimmers with specially designed paring head allow careful, fast and easy animal husbandry. My website for product details and more https://timthompson.ag/ Subscribe for a new video each week! New content uploaded every … Read More

Building a Pro Horse Fence with Plastic Forests Recycled Plastic Posts

This week I visit elite horse vet Kurt Enzinger and chat to him about a fencing option he has decided on for new paddocks he is developing. Plastic forests Equine PLUS posts are allowing him to reduce post furniture and installation costs while maintaining the highest level of safety. I chat with Kurt about the do’s and don’ts of good … Read More

Wireman Strain Walker Pro Fence Strainers Review!

This week I review an impressive entrant to the fence strainer market. Loads of swivels, features and flexibility combined with tried and trusted grippers might make these a logical edition in many tool bags. In this video I try them out on a range of applications and really put them through their paces on a range of fencing applications. My … Read More

Electric Secateur Review. Best Electric Secateurs? Let’s find out!


This week I try out some of the best Electric secateurs in several different market niches. From the consumer market, budget Ryobi, through to the professional level Bahco and the Contractor grade Felcos I explore the performance features and usability of all in a range of settings from orchard to vineyard. My website https://timthompson.ag/ Subscribe for a new video each … Read More

Smart Strawberry Growing at Pettinella Farms


This week we are allowed behind the scenes of Pettinella Farms, a large family business growing soft fruit in several states. Servicing both the local fruit markets and direct contracts with large supermarkets accross several states, the Pettinella story is one of innovation, entrepreneurship and intelligent business. Looking at innovations both on the farm and in the packing shed, we … Read More

Build a Budget Hobby Farm Hay Feeder Out of an IBC


Did you know that up to 50% of feed put on the ground is wasted? It’s easy to avoid this with a simple budget hobby farm size hay feeder that I build this week out of an IBC. For $50 Australian and a few hours, I build a feeder that will save you nearly half your feed bill. Not only … Read More

Protecting Paddock Trees with Easy Fencing Ideas


This week I talk with grazing property owner Tim and Carmen from Maffra Landcare about paddock trees. Keen to provide shelter for livestock and increase the paddock quality we know that paddock trees provide many benefits. We discuss why tree decline occurs, how it can be stopped and why you should. We then use a few great products from Whites … Read More

How to Protect Paddock Trees and Why You Should

This week I talk with grazing property owner Tim and then Carmen from Maffra Landcare about paddock trees. We discuss why tree decline occurs, how it can be stopped and why you should. We use a few great products from Whites to protect paddock trees and establish a fence to create a wildlife corridor on the property. My website https://timthompson.ag/ … Read More

Concrete Erosion Mat Vs Flood. Update After a Major Flood Event on Farm.


When a major flood event occurred just weeks after installing a Concrete Erosion Control mat, I feared a total disaster. Surprisingly the mat held up pretty well and the difference between the surrounding river bank and the section protected by the mat was stark. Join me as I go into the cause of the erosion and the results of the … Read More

Water Security for Farm and Community


This week we explore a farm dam catchment designed to reduce farm runoff, treat water from a nearby town, increase water security for a family fam and clean water for a city catchment. Sounds too good to be true? This amazing construction tries to meet all of these criteria and even host a replica train line. Seriously. Worth seeing. My … Read More

Mending Fences and Communities With Blazeaid


This week I put up a fence with a hard working crew of volunteers from Balzeaid Bruthen. Phil and the guys invited me out to play with some of the equipment that I have been featuring recently to field test it for their future camps. We installed a great Whites skirted stiffstay mesh and Pickex extensions on Stockposts for John, … Read More

Increased Profits With Exclusion Fence Conversion


Tim Curtis runs a self replacing sheep operation supplying meat to the local market. His innovative approach to converting his existing fences to exclusion is paying dividends as he increases pasture quality and profitability. We go through his designs, from first attempts to his current design. Then we try out some new products that solve some problems he was looking … Read More

Post Lifter Review


Steel posts are gaining in popularity as wood becomes more expensive and the advantages of steel become better known. This week I look at a handy bit of kit should you decide to work with steel posts, a lifter. Comparing five of the most common types of lifter on the market, I take them though their paces on posts that … Read More

Farm Erosion Control Using Concrete Mats


Erosion is a big issue to control on farm. Not only does erosion rob you of inputs, but it can have significant effects downstream as well. This week I check out a cool new product being used to reduce bank erosion in a stream next to a paddock prone to flooding. A flexible concrete mat, made in NSW by Australian … Read More

Let’s Have a Chat! – Trademutt’s Making a Difference to Workwear.


Trademutt are disrupting workwear. Gone are the days of boring hi viz shirts that make everyone look the same, Trademutt are bringing style back to the paddock. They are also supporting and providing some great services to the local and international community via their ethical production practices. Check out one of the most inspiring interviews I have done all year, … Read More