Chester Brown Post Pulla Midweek Review

This week I review the Chester Brown Post Pulla. Simply attach this beauty to your tractor and pull up fences with steel posts all in one go. It’s a ripper! Home Subscribe for a new video each week! New content uploaded every weekend. My Channel

Harvesting Water to Improve Fertility of a Lifestyle Property

This week we look at siomple solutions to harvest water to improve the fertility of a lifestyle property in central Victoria. Clever use of old techniques has allowed the owner, Murray, to dramatically improve his barren block’s fertility and grow a range of European and native trees in a harsh climate. My website Subscribe for a new video each … Read More

The Ultimate Multi Tool? Sneddens Knockabout Midweek Review

The Ultimate Multi Tool? Sneddens Knockabout Midweek Review. Multi tools are common. Usually they do lots of jobs but none as well as dedicated equipment. Compromise is the name of the game. This may not be the case with the Knockabout, a solid and flexible piece of equipment. This week I find out if the features work and if they … Read More

Welder Upgrade!

Welder Upgrade for the Farm! I put the Weldclass 17MST 10 amp MIG welder through it’s paces and enjoy an immediate improvement to my welding, even though I am at best an amateur welder! I go through the features, set it up to run gassless 0.9mm wire and then get some pro tips from Steve Casamento, the engineer behind Fencestay. … Read More

Bump Gate. Non Stop Paddock Access.

Bump Gate. Non stop paddock access. With the bump gate, the plan is to never have to stop for a gate again. A mechanical gate opening aide that lets you literally drive into a gate to open it. I try out the bump gate and erect one on a quality 14 foot gate to see how easy it is to … Read More

Knotless Easy End Assembly??

Knotless Easy Fast end Assembly? You heard right. This week, fencing contractor turned inventor and manufacturer Peter Barrett talks us through tying an end assembly brace wire. His method eliminates the need to feed wire through staples, reducing time. He also shows us how, with the use of two staples he does away with the need for joiners or straining … Read More

Pipe winder and Horse Trough Setup on Horse Stud

Adaptamill Pipe Winder

This week I review a great pipe winder that makes dealing with poly pipe an absolute breeze. I also get to talk with Equine Vet Kurt Enzinger about his ideal water trough design in paddocks. We also check out his finished Plastic Forest posts and wire setup that promises to reduce injuries to his horses and increase the service life … Read More

A Kilo a Day Feeding Cattle Hay and Silage

Arthur Angliss is a well known cattle identity, who achieves 1Kg a day out of his Hereford steers through careful management of hay and silage feed inputs. In this video Arthur shares his experience and opinions on the ideal silage, hay preparation, choosing and handling cattle for profit. As well as some interesting comments on why he has stuck with … Read More

Micro Fruit Tree Trellis Espalier How To

Micro Fruit Tree Trellis Espalier How To. This week I look at some micro fruit tree trellises that I set up last winter. I go through the process of setting the trellis up and planting in winter and then have a look at some of the jobs I am doing in the spring and summer of the first year to … Read More

Great New Farm Gear Reviewed! Stihl GTA26, SafeBreak, Stirrups

Some great new gear and gadgets for the farm this weekend! Starting with the Stihl GTA 26 electric handsaw, I check out this, a new safe break for electric gates and some stirrups for climbing steel posts in barbed wire fences. I even become a crash test dummy to try out the SafeBreak gate system. The Stihl GTA 26 surprises … Read More

Best Tomato Trellis?

Tomatoes are a rewarding staple in any vegetable or kitchen garden. However if they are not trellised right, they can become difficult to manage, pick and become diseased. In this video I develop a trellis system designed around production farms and adapt it to be built from equipment commonly available at the local hardware store. This tomato trellis allows for … Read More

Trees in Fenceline! Getting around them……

Trees in a fenceline are one of the worst obstacles to overcome and can cause damage to fences. This week I look at a couple of tricks to get around trees that cannot be removed when completing a boundary fence. My Website Subscribe for a new video each week! New content uploaded every weekend. My Channel

Survival First Aid Kits Review. Is Your Farm First Aid Ready?

This week I review some impressive first aid kits from Survival First Aid. I’m sure you have experienced poorly equipped and hard to use first aid kits in the past. This week we look at some new kits that promise to save time and effort in rendering emergency first aid. I also check out a great free first aid resource … Read More

Easy Home Orchard Trellis

This week I erect a great home orchard trellis that is guaranteed to be easy maintenance and fruitful using the new FS 3000 kit from Fencestay. Using tips I learned from professional orchardist Alan Upton, I replace an old row of trees with a productive dwarf rootstock apple orchard with 3m high trellis to support the trees and bird net. … Read More

Electric Foot Paring? Mobishear Review. Trimming sheep and Goats

One of the jobs I really don’t look forward to has just become super easy. The Mobishear Foot paring shears make trimming feet an absolute pleasure. These powerful trimmers with specially designed paring head allow careful, fast and easy animal husbandry. My website for product details and more Subscribe for a new video each week! New content uploaded every … Read More

Building a Pro Horse Fence with Plastic Forests Recycled Plastic Posts

This week I visit elite horse vet Kurt Enzinger and chat to him about a fencing option he has decided on for new paddocks he is developing. Plastic forests Equine PLUS posts are allowing him to reduce post furniture and installation costs while maintaining the highest level of safety. I chat with Kurt about the do’s and don’ts of good … Read More

Wireman Strain Walker Pro Fence Strainers Review!

This week I review an impressive entrant to the fence strainer market. Loads of swivels, features and flexibility combined with tried and trusted grippers might make these a logical edition in many tool bags. In this video I try them out on a range of applications and really put them through their paces on a range of fencing applications. My … Read More

Electric Secateur Review. Best Electric Secateurs? Let’s find out!


This week I try out some of the best Electric secateurs in several different market niches. From the consumer market, budget Ryobi, through to the professional level Bahco and the Contractor grade Felcos I explore the performance features and usability of all in a range of settings from orchard to vineyard. My website Subscribe for a new video each … Read More

Smart Strawberry Growing at Pettinella Farms


This week we are allowed behind the scenes of Pettinella Farms, a large family business growing soft fruit in several states. Servicing both the local fruit markets and direct contracts with large supermarkets accross several states, the Pettinella story is one of innovation, entrepreneurship and intelligent business. Looking at innovations both on the farm and in the packing shed, we … Read More