How to fix a fence on a budget

Farm Learning with Tim Thompson | 8 December 2018 | Back to All Videos
Using reclaimed, reused and donated second hand materials I rebuild a stock fence for a farm used by a local young farmers club for under 300 dollars! This video follows the week or so of after hours work I put in to repurpose a paddock to safely house sheep. During the week I remove and repurpose the old fence wire, drive in steel posts, build end assemblies, hang a gate, strain sheep mesh, run out and strain up new wires. I ended up having to get one roll of sheep mesh to replace a badly damaged section. I also used 10 gripples, 700m of 2.5mm plain wire and purchased a small pack of staples. All this cost about 300 dollars in total. All posts were old raspberry trellis posts, which I had to cut and reseal. Most of the sheep mesh was reused and clips to the posts were fabricated out of plain wire. There are links to specific videos on all of the knots used in this episode.
End Knot
Strainer Knot
Build a Box End Assembly

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