Building a Pro Horse Fence with Plastic Forests Recycled Plastic Posts

Farm Learning with Tim Thompson | 18 September 2021 | Back to All Videos
This week I visit elite horse vet Kurt Enzinger and chat to him about a fencing option he has decided on for new paddocks he is developing. Plastic forests Equine PLUS posts are allowing him to reduce post furniture and installation costs while maintaining the highest level of safety. I chat with Kurt about the do’s and don’ts of good horse fencing and get some tips for people who are considering keeping these rational and sensible animals….
Then I spend a bit of time with his contractor, David LeCerf, as he installs the posts and get some tips on instillation as well as discovering some surprising benefits to this new product.
Please note that Plastic Forests recycled posts have no official fire rating, comments on fire resistance are based on field trials and the melting temperature of the medium, which is 350 degrees celsius.
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