Avoid Deer Damage with Proven Fence Solutions

Farm Learning with Tim Thompson | 27 January 2024 | Back to All Videos
Don’t let deer damage your property any longer! Learn about proven fence solutions from the Victorian Community Deer Control Network and find the right solution for your needs. With a variety of tools and expert guidance, their tools help you protect your property from deer and their destructive habits via a range of strategies. Reduce damaged landscapes with some proven solutions!

Victorian Community Deer Control Network https://vdccn.org.au/
Gallagher Permanent Electric Fence https://store.am.gallagher.com/am/au/en_AU/animal-management/electric-fencing/permanent-fencing/i-post/gallagher-i-post/p/G774
Stiffstay Mesh https://whitesrural.com.au/product/stiff-stay-farm-fencing/
Pickex Fence Extensions https://wireman.com.au/pages/pickex-fence-height-extensions

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