Walters Wire Winder

Tim Thompson | 4 September 2021 | Back to All Reviewed Products

Walters Wire Winder

Provider: Walters Fencing


Available through: Instore and online

Walters Wire Winder makes the job of removing old wire or replacing fencing fast, safe and effective. For those who like to recycle, the winder allows for the reloading and reuse of the wound wire into most commercial wire spinners. Meaning that removal of a fence does not automatically mean waste. The wire winder quickly and effectively winds very long sections of plain wire, and in my experience sections of several hundred meters of barb, depending on the length of grass and fouling. Even removal from split wood posts is possible in shorter sections of 50m or so.

Using the winder is simple and the options of mounting from the tow hitch of a vehicle or the side of a ute tray mean that you can set the winder up how and where you want it.