Walters Universal Steel Post Grab

Tim Thompson | 12 September 2021 | Back to All Reviewed Products

Walters Universal Post Grab

Provider: Walters Fencing Tamworth


Available through: Instore and online

Walters Universal Post Grab makes removal of steel posts simple, safe and easy, using a range of equipment from car winch or jack to tractor. The solid steel design of the post grab means you will only ever buy this tool once. With plenty of room to fit a D shackle r chain, the block can mount to virtually any lifting device. Handy in size, the post grab can be stored on machinery and equipment for when the need to lift a post arises, meaning that you always have the tool at hand. With the unique two fin design, bent tabs on the top of posts will not prevent you from removing them from the ground. This tool fits both regular size steel posts and the popular newer large size versions from all manufacturers.