ReoLink Security Camera Review

Tim Thompson | 22 May 2022 | Back to All Reviewed Products

Reolink Security Cameras

Provider: Reolink


Available through: Online store

ReoLink Security cameras might well be the answer to remote locations on the farm where wifi coverage does not reach. In this review I tried two models; the Argus 3 wifi camera and the Go PT cellular network camera. I was really impressed with both of them.

I learned some basics about security camera setup very quickly as I tried out these cameras. The first thing that was important was to ensure that wifi signal is of adequate strength when placing wifi cameras. This sounds logical and simple, but just because there is a signal does not mean that it will be strong enough to manage the data from a high quality camera like the Argus. This security camera records in 4k with a high bitrate. This means that details are easy to pick up when reviewing footage, unlike cheaper compeditors. To stream this quality image you need a strong signal, so best stick close to and in the house with this little monster. Your results will be great.

For those of us that need to monitor sheds, yards and gates, the better choice is the Go PT. This powerful little package maintains a high bitrate and quality sensor, but drops the resolution down to 1080p. This is OK, becuase remember you are going to be paying for data with this guy, so 4K is a bit much. Happily the Go PT comes with a pre-installed SIM card, so it is literally ready to go out of the box. The hardest thing with these cameras is activating the SIM from the mobile retailer! The plug and play nature of this product means that most people won’t even need to open the instructions.

My biggest learning though, was to position these cameras in bottlenecks, like pathways or gateways, where people are made to slow down long enough (3-4 seconds) to allow the motion sensor to activate record on the camera. Ideally position your camera within about 20 meters of the full range of view you want to capture. Beyond this details might be hard to find. This way you won’t miss a trick and will be able to catch the bad guys every time.

Reolink cameras are operated by an app on your phone and you can even subscribe to a free (for the first camera) cload data storage service through this app that stores vision from your cameras. This means that even ifd you camera is vandilised or stolen, images are still in the cloud for you to access and follow up on the incident. The plan prices are reasonable for multiple cameras and I would recommend that if you are going to get a camera, you need a service like this as well.