Quickfence Gate Wheel

Tim Thompson | 4 September 2021 | Back to All Reviewed Products

Quickfence Gate Wheel

Provider: Quickfence Warwick

Telephone: 1800 062 723

Available through: Online store at Quickfence

The Gate Wheel is low maintenance and an easy fit gate wheel ideally suited for your home, on the farm, rural properties and businesses. Adding the easy fit Gate wheel will help reduce any potential OH&S issues for the workplace or home, to make light work of opening heavy steel gates.
“The inspiration for the Gate Wheel came from watching an old mate struggling, literately dragging this big old steel gate so he could go to the next paddock, then he had close it! This made remember of all the times I’ve seen kids jump out of the ute, struggling to open a gate that was taller, and heavier than them. It made me think there has to be a better way!” Jon Earl from Warwick Gates.
The easy fit Gate Wheel is made locally by Warwick Gates with quality Australian heavy duty steel, and designed to be strong enough to support the weight of any big heavy duty double steel gate.

The Gate Wheel needs a space of 200mm x 185mm to rotate on the axle, so depending on the design of the gate, you may need to cut a space for it. 

The easy fit Gate Wheel makes it easier to open the gate and reduces the strain on the fence post.