Fenceline Gate Hinges

Tim Thompson | 23 March 2022 | Back to All Reviewed Products

FenceLine Gate Hinge

Provider: Fenceline Solutions


Available through: Online Store

In a rather “unhinged” review, I recently used Fenceline Gate hinges. Designed and made in Australia by Peter Barrett, the man behind Fenceline Solutions, these gate hinges are seriously good. Seriously, these things will revolutionise the way you fence with Steel end assemblies. The results are in, steel is just better. The problem has always been hanging a gate off them, with awkward bolt on solutions, welding or weak drilling options, the problem of gates have put many off for years. Not any more, the simple, efficient design and ease of use AND RE-USE of this product will leave your head spinning. Check out the review, then check out the product. It might just change the way you fence.