James Higgins Fence Stretcher

Tim Thompson | 4 September 2021 | Back to All Reviewed Products

Fence Stretcher

Provider: James Higgins


Available through: Online store

A vastly improved barbed wire fence stretcher. James, a fencer from Tamworth in NSW knew it could be done better and backed himself. He has gone about upgrading the tool and added features like the sweetest little twitching tool you have ever laid eyes upon.

Recently incorporating a bar catch mechanism, his stretcher is turning heads in the Ag landscape. Solidly built and with excellent customer service this tool will sit comfortably in a saddle bag or behind the seat in a Ute. Making on the spot fence repairs simple, with almost no moving parts to loose, this tool will not only get you out of trouble but save time too.

With resellers and customers happily using this tool around the world, it’s safe to say that no matter where barbed wire is to be found, you will also find the barbed wire fence stretcher.